Welcome to the genealogy website for the Zangerle-Petersen family, established May 11, 1974 in South Bend, IN.

Most of our ancestors are from England, Germany, Poland and Ireland. The earliest immigrants of the early 1700’s settled in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Delaware. In the 1800’s, many of them migrated to North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois and were among the first settlers in those states. These families have the surnames of Brownfield, Estes, Hadley, Lindley, Miller, Mills, Morris, Shaw and Crow. Several are identified as First Families of Ohio settlers. Anyone who is a direct descendant of an individual who settled in the area now encompassed by the State of Ohio by the end of 1820 may become a member of the First Families of Ohio (FFO).

The Zangerle logo at the top of this site is from the Zangerle-Peterson Furniture Company building which is still standing and in use at 1536 N. Halstead St., Chicago, IL. The company was established in the 1800’s by Albert Zangerle and George Peterson. The Chicago Zangerle line of Albert Zangerle can be traced back to Tirol, Austria in the 1600’s. Our South Bend Zangerle line appears to have originated by Christian Zangerle who was born in Tirol, Austria in 1680 and migrated to Saarland, Germany. Although a connection seems likely between the Austrian and German Zangerle familes, I have not yet been able to prove a connection. There is no connection between my grandfather, George Petersen, and the George Peterson furniture line. The Chicago Zangerle family tree can be viewed by clicking the Chicago Zangerle link from the menu above. I am continuing to search for links between these two Zangerle lines.

For identity protection, anyone who is still living will not be visible in the tree or will be marked as “private”. This is similar to other genealogy sites, ie ancestry.com.

If you find an ancestor in our tree and have more to add, just email me using the Contact link and I will include the information in the next load. This tree is published for informational and entertainment purposes and there is no guarantee that all the information is correct. If you find something erroneous, email me and I will delete or modify the data. Genealogy research is very time consuming and sharing is what its all about. Thanks to all the genealogists who have made their family trees public on the internet and ancestry.com as well as our relatives who have shared their family photos.

Mary Petersen Zangerle